Keiji and Naoko are a wonderful married couple from Tokyo. They share everything in life: the passion for sport, for wine, for good food, for the sea. But above all, for Italy.

We met them in an exclusive hotel just outside the Sorrento coast. On our arrival they were already in wedding dress, ready to venture out into the streets, terraces and shops. Smiling, they were longing to immerse themselves in one of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. And start the escape, their elopement in Sorrento.



A long, careful, unforgettable elopement. Arrived on the other side of the world, from the country where the sun was born, Keiji and Naoko could not help but feel the desire to escape to the sea and the coast. That sense of calmness, the controlled euphoria that you try to hold hands and discover the streets, the squares, the spirit of Sorrento. Piazza Tasso, where the nineteenth-century buildings run along Corso Italia; Via Marina Grande, which is wedged and overlooks the Porticciolo and the Convent of Sant’Anna; the Convent of San Francesco, with its Benedictine cloister that faces the immense sea of ​​the Panorama. And again, the Park of the Princes, the citrus groves: if you take any road you find the bar that makes the best ice cream in the world … It was all romantic and a bit hectic, we found it hard to stay behind them, who were coming from the other side of the world to know the Italian love.

When in the evening efforts and emotions seemed to have taken over, Sorrento became a cradle of trees and lemons in bloom. Keiji and Naoko sheltered in the shade of a citrus grove right there in the middle, and they finally asked us for a minute to rest and enjoy the moment. Tired, exhausted, satisfied, yet ready for the big step.

Because in Sorrento, where the sun is one of the family and the shadows hide treasures, even the moment before the end of the day may be the right one to say once and for all Yes.


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