We have been completely at ease with Vincenzo, Anna and their little Luigi from the first date. And not only because this couple is solar, fun and exciting as everything comes from our city, but above all because they have chosen a destination that is particularly dear to us. Yes, because since our first date Vincenzo and Anna have expressed the desire to be accompanied to make an elopement in Amsterdam. A piece of our heart.

But let’s do it in orderly fashion.

Amsterdam is one of the most visited destinations in Europe, often combined with fun and entertainment, but we sponsored their chosen because Amsterdam is romantic and unconventional, it’s perfect for a shooting but above all it is a city that fully represents a lifestyle.

In fact, if living Amsterdam will come spontaneously for its reception and the calmness it transmits, telling it is quite another thing. Stroll between the three main canals, the Herengracht, the Prinsengracht and the Keizersgracht, hold hands and feel guided by the trail of lights that flow away into the night: everything here is deeply indescribable. It is an enchantment that kidnaps and makes you move your feet, makes you go through the streets and wince at the passing of bicycles. The light sound of the bells, the only sweet noise that interrupts the dream of Amsterdam.

Organizing the shooting was easy, the city takes you and drags you along. Hand in hand, Vincenzo and Anna followed us along the narrow streets like loopholes, with eyes enraptured by the characteristic buildings and statues of the Joordan district; walking along, they followed with us the Prinsengracht, where if you stop and watch the boats pass you feel at peace with the world, but if you raise your eyes you realize that you are a stone’s throw from the Anne Frank House and the oldest city, the Papeneiland Café.

A stolen kiss, a few minutes for a quick visit to Leidseplein, and we left the center to get to Amsterdam Noord. Amsterdam Noord is the most characteristic district, the best choice for a definitive experience: it is separated from the center by a waterway, the lj, and is the union of two particularly different worlds: on one hand it dominates a green expanse of the villages, and on the other there is the more alternative urban part, where the buildings are artistic workshops and the terraces overlook breathtaking expanses of water.

Thanks also to the skill of our collaborators, this experience was unforgettable. From make-up to floral arrangements, to the professionalism of the fashion designer, everything has contributed to make every shot rich in life and enchantment. On his return, Vincenzo thanked us for everything, until he wrote to us: “Finding around Amsterdam to take pictures with Luca Salvemini is like walking around Naples with Oreste Pipolo. A man and a city completely in symbiosis. “



Make Up Artist: André Ferreira
Hairdresser: Liss Cruz
Flower: Ivy Flowers Amsterdam
Fashion Designer: Debora Di Napoli italian tailoring


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