Travel, what a pleasure! Get rid of stress, and look for your own corner of peace in places you would otherwise never see. There are those who prefer the desert, there are those who love to feel the cold mountain breath. Do you know someone who does not want to stay at the heart of New York?

Chaotic, hectic, wonderful: New York City.

Seeing it from Brooklyn, everything is bigger. The steel bridge suspended over the East Rivers, the Empire State and the Chrysler that rise from far away: you can’t help being tempted to to capture the moment, with everything that moves inside you.

The wedding photography in New York



Last time, we went back with Mariko and Motoki. Like them, we were excited: New York sets the mood, it seems made to get married. Swarms of women with veils and hordes of guests alternated drums up and down Dumbo, for a picture with skyscrapers in the background. That day we turned the nose up between the buildings of Manhattan, we followed the bride and groom up and down the city, but by far the most exciting moment was on the banks of the East River, at Jane’s Carousel.

Everybody goes in a procession towards this huge carousel, a gigantic coloured machine made up of 48 wooden horses and protected by a giant crystal designed by Jean Nouvelle in 2011. Children, tourists, but especially newlyweds take us around. Jane’s Carousel has been here for almost a century, is an integral part of the new urban park. It is there in memory of those carousel that from Ohio took it to Brooklyn in 1922, it is a monument to the American culture fair. When it is closed, they leave us a sign: “The Carousel is closed. The horses need a rest. “

This huge joust for Mariko and Motoki represented something more than a fun: it was a sort of obligatory stop, a stage of pilgrimage, a deep look at the panorama. At that moment, just out of a New York church with a ring on his finger, it was for them how to get air and hold hands. Before come happy towards bridges, roads, buildings, which seem enormous if seen from afar.


la wedding photography a New York

due sposi a New York

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